About me: Andrew Backhouse

👋 I’m Andrew Backhouse, a freelance web and content designer from Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Find out a bit about me…

With nearly ten years of freelance web and content design experience, I specialise in developing custom, fast websites and distinctive brand identities. My portfolio includes work with creatives, artists, nonprofits, and charities, delivering digital experiences tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Whether working with product design teams or independently, I am dedicated to addressing your challenges with clear, efficient, and effective solutions.


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About me: Andrew Backhouse

About me; grab a cup of tea and let’s get to know each other.

I’m Andrew Backhouse, a dedicated freelance web designer and a qualified, freelance content designer. With nearly a decade of experience, I’m committed to supporting caring communities and organisations.

As a Full Member of The Chartered Society of Designers since 2023, I bring passion and expertise to every project.

If you’re an organisation, brand, or not-for-profit that values the well-being of your customers and community, you’re in the right place. I collaborate with clients who share my commitment to social responsibility and community engagement.

My journey from teaching English in East Asia to specialising in web/content design has shaped my unique approach to problem solving.

Today, I use language insight and design expertise. I use them to create content and websites that resonates with diverse audiences.

Are you revamping your website, launching a campaign, or refining your brand? I’m here to help you make your impact bigger with strategic web/content design.

Let’s join forces to create experiences that inspire, inform, and empower.

Awards – I’m ranked as one of the top three designers in Harrogate 2019-2024, inclusive.

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