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I would like to apologise to my clients – There was quite a massive error. The Data Centre who houses my server had a Hardware issue and the server went down for 17 hours.

This meant that all of the websites I have built were inaccessible for that time – for what it is worth, I am sorry. I cannot explain the reason behind the Data Centre’s mess up and I would not know how to help in the fixing of it.

But, the sites on my VPS are back up and – more importantly – there was no loss of client data.

The sites are all backed up in my Dropbox just to be safe. But there was a real heart-in-my-mouth moment when I logged on to work this morning. I have been unable to work for today due to the fact that the websites were inaccessible. I have been working on a few redevelopments, but that was on pause for today.

The good news is that I have a server again – with zero data loss. The sites are just the same as when the Data Centre messed up this morning. They have always been ‘sat’ there but there was a problem with the connectivity at their end in Nottingham.

I quite imagine a deformed henchman clunking a massive Kill-Switch and electricity spewing around a castle turret – probably not like that, but I have had a bit too much time to picture them fixing it today …

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