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Andrew Backhouse has moved office! Yes, I am talking about myself in the third person but then I am talking about a project I have seen grow from an idea in a passive fashion, too.

I do not know if you remember my work for Jem Henderson at Indieworx? Well, I have put my money where my mouth is and I have become a member of the Collective.

Whenever I need to do some work on websites I will rent out a desk at 53 Grove Road and mingle with like-minded freelancers and other work-at-homers

Indieworx Collective

I have been really impressed by the energy and the enthusiasm of Jem at Indieworx – you kind of know the project will succeed due to her sheer force of presence. More power to her for doing so.

The idea behind the Indieworx Collective is that it is a place for freelancers to come and rent a desk for the day. Ideally, the place will be a vibrant hotbed of ideas and innovation. It will be great to have a place where I can work and, then, once the work is complete I can leave my work and head home – free for the evening. There will be no more “Oh, just one more thing” for a project at 10pm when I should be in bed.

There is a good lad called Dean who works there too – we sometimes bump into each other when his dog walking has got as far as 10Devonshire.

This is a project I am very excited about and I have moved the official address of Andrew Backhouse Design to the premises. To see more about the venture and to see about becoming a member of the Collective yourself, please visit www.indieworxcollective.com.

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