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So then, my Web Design Portfolio has hd a re-design, a bit of a shakeup and a re-jig. I am quite happy with the outcome. There is a lot better use of negative space and the whole thing feels a bit ‘lighter.’ But, why would I go with a redesign …?

Well, it is important to edit your cornerstone content every once in a while – refresh it to … well … keep it fresh and stop it going stale. Whilst I was doing that I figure I would go whole hog and redesign the site.

The structure of the site (and most of the pages) is the same – I have done very little there. But I do have a new colour scheme and a new set of fonts. The blue / grey animation is a Good Thing – something I much prefer over the heavy dark shades.

The fonts I have gone with are both from the same stable. I plumped with the font “Bookmania” for the headers of this site. As for the <p> I went with “Proxima Nova” – a good compliment to each other. Both were designed by the talented Mark Simonson.

Mark Simonson founded his studio specialising in lettering and typography in 2000. He had started out as a graphic designer and illustrator in 1976 working as an art director on a number of magazines as well as Minnesota Public Radio. Mark started licensing fonts to FontHaus in 1992 and now has over 100 fonts on the market. For more on Mark, please see www.marksimonson.com

I have also redone the portfolio page for my web design in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. For a peek at my portfolio click HERE. All in all it turned out nice again.

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