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If you are reading this blog post on Andrew Backhouse’s Work Blog, there is a good chance that you came to it through the Blog Page. Hopefully, you will want to go to the Contact Page to get in touch with me to inquire about a bespoke WordPress Design in Harrogate?

Do you notice anything different about these pages? They have both had a re-design as part of on-going improvements to the site. I am still happy with the font, Orkney, and I love the use of negative space within this portfolio for web design.

The Blog Page has had a dramatic rehaul. Now featuring a two-column grid with some quite snazzy CSS – the Blog page allows for animations upon hover over the featured image. I was hesitant about the use of the banner JPEG on the top of the Blog Page, but then I figure it all tied the page in nicely as a Journal. The idea is to try and use the blog more frequently and, hopefully, this has given me the incentive to do so.

I always offer to build my clients a blog. Blogging for business is positive for “Long-Tail SEO” and provides an incentive for people to keep returning to your site. It also shows a human side to a business – warts and all if you ask me. Essentially, gossip.

The Contact Page has been beefed up to include a bit more data, including Metadata and readable data. The Metadata will ensure the page has a better chance of being found in search engine results (SERP) through better use of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). You will discover a better functioning web contact form and all of the contact details that you will need (and possibly not need). I may come to regret this, but, I have also included a few personal links on the page – including links to my Band’s site and my site as a solo Field Recordist.

The final tweak – for the time being – is that I have embedded my telephone number and email address in the Header of the site. My contact details at the head of the website mean that whenever there is a menu showing above, there will be my contact details visible too. I have worked long into the night on these developments & I am proud as punch of them. Hope you dig them.

andy backhouse work blog
andy backhouse contact page

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