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No silly, not the pop group. I have placed a New Order. I have placed an order for some business cards. I have chosen to get them made up by Moo – they are cheap and I like the stripe through the middle of them.

You may wonder why I go through so many designs for business cards. Well, I am always giving them away and running out.

The latest design has a nod to Twin Peaks (which I love) and has my @Twitter Account details, phone number and other particulars. Including my new address. Mind, if you want my details then feel free to download my vCard to you device. If you click on the link HERE whilst you are reading this post on a Mobile or a Laptop then it will download my contact details to your device.

All in all, happy with the design process.

I have made a mockup of the design and you can see it above.

Get in touch,

If you have a project in mind,
I would love to hear from you.



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