Tabula rasa: a clean slate. I am ceasing operations as TreeBark Design and moving to a more slimline, streamed down version of freelancing. I was getting restless with the bloated behemoth that TreeBark Design had become – after all, it was my first venture as a freelancer and I was still very much finding my feet.

So, I have reverted back to my birth-name: Andy (Andrew) Backhouse – the site is called Andy Backhouse Design. It is a WordPress build with a heavy nod towards the aesthetics of Melbourne, Australia’s, @Kolber. The portfolio is sublime on both the mobile version and the desktop version – I am chuffed to bits with that.

The background, called ‘Subtle Concrete’, was found as a royalty free .png from the Subtle Patterns site –  I really recommend people check out the Subtle Patterns site as there are a lot of excellent free resources.

But why? What was the crux of leaving TreeBark behind? Well, to be honest, I did not want to associate with the bloated monster it had become (it had a shop!). In tech terms it was Photoshop and I am relaunching Sketch app. It has become a mockery of everything that I stood for as a designer – I am all clean and simple and TreeBark was … well … frumpy.

This new version of my design wing is a lot more light weight and flexible. I was getting worried that with the state of UI today there was a gradual homogenisation of the internet. Check out the recent backlash as Web-Brutalism and a fetish for 90’s web nostalgia – with this move, I am trying to bring my designs in line with the present.

So then, a Tabula Rasa – a completely blank slate. I have only imported a few of the works I had on TreeBark (TreeBark …. sounds like an extra in The Matrix).

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