How I Improved The Legibility Of My Website

This is just a quick blog post – a point to mark the time I changed from the font Nunito to Atkinson Hyper-Legible. I am in the process of trying to make my site as accessible to everyone as possible. Equality and equity mean that we need to enable tech to work for all – this includes the Next Billion Users (NBU) if the web as well as those previously marginalised through ill health or other factors.

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Named after the founder of the Braille Institute of America (BIA),  J. Robert Atkinson, Atkinson Hyperlegible is a modernist style sans-serif typeface.

Applied Design creative director Elliott Scott says the team knew early on that this style of type would best fit the new BIA brand.

When New York-based design studio Applied Design rebranded the Braille Institute of America (BIA), its design team struggled to find a typeface that was both “extremely legible” and stylistically appropriate for the organisation’s new look.

In response to this, and aware of the growing number of visually impaired people around the world, the studio developed its own typeface for the project, Atkinson Hyperlegible.

Since adopting the typeface, the BIA has made Atkinson Hyperlegible free for everyone. Most recently, it has landed on Google Fonts.

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