“Why Are My Newsletters Going To Spam?”

You may be wondering if your newsletters are going to Spam – or, if they are even being seen at all. A lot of the businesses I work with have a mail out for their business – keeping people up to date with developments with the business. If you have a low delivery rate, read on…

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The main question shouldn’t be “Are they being read?” it should be “… are my emails being delivered?”

There are a lot of good email providers out their and one of the more popular email newsletter providers is Mailchimp, free at entry level and scaling up after that.

This is the most commonly used email marketing tool – I advise you not to use it, in a nutshell.

It is very tempting to use one of their HTML-Heavy templates, a well styled newsletter that looks great – if it will be delivered.

Mailchimp, and especially the HTML / Styled newsletters have a habit of being sent to the Promo Tab in Gmail and Outlook. This means your crucial announcement will not even be seen, let alone acknowledged.

What do I recommend? I recommend you find a professional to help you with your email delivery. I could help set you up a Newsletter campaign that will improve delivery rates.

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