A bit about me…

I like to make things good and make good things. I am a passionate, professional UX Designer with a high level of user empathy + I’m cheap as chips.

Like a lot of UX Designers my path into the field wasn’t exactly a linear one. In fact I trained as a teacher. I worked in the English faculty of a Chinese university and set about teaching myself the fundamentals of visual identity and branding – the international language of screaming – in my downtime.

My passion for self-improvement continues and I am studying towards a degree in Photography, on a correspondence course. Photography is a passion, as is podcasting. I host a few podcasts which in turn are syndicated to global radio brands. Did you know I have a podcast based on Communication Skills? Just click HERE for that.


I am part of the Backhouse / Morgan Marriage Experiment with Kathryn – it started 10 years ago and it will keep going indefinitely. She is a great gal! We live in the centre of Harrogate and we enjoy our group of friends and seeking new experiences.

Why Design?

I am intensely interested in the way people interact with the world and the objects in it. As I mention above, I was 19 and in China not really being able to speak the language; this made me take visual clues on a written system that is rooted in representation.

Common themes and tropes were established from the outset; red means stop, green go. I navigated my way around China, teaching, through visual aids.

I then pursued a career in Botanical research, after coming back to the UK and running away again as soon as possible.

It was in the Borneo Rainforest that I had a reaction to anti-malaria medication.  It successfully rewired my brain to the point that I now always think outside of the box at Design Sprints.

The next few years (see CV) were spent as a musician and artist. I had good write ups in the national press and I have topped a few charts in my time. But I was drawn back to the fact that I was creating something (of subjective worth) that was being used in the real world. I had little knowledge of how it was being used or by whom. How did people interact with it? What was their experience using it? Where did they use what I was making?

All of these questions boiled down to the question; what was the user experience for the goods I was creating?

Fast forward a few years and I am working as a web designer, freelance, in Harrogate. I signed up to study a certificate in UX from Google and I have not looked back since.

I am available for work.

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To find out more about my work or just to say 👋 drop me an email by clicking HERE

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