WordPress For Harrogate Businesses!

Welcome to another insight from the Andrew Backhouse Web Design digital studio. As Harrogate’s businesses, entrepreneurs, and emerging web designers navigate the ever-evolving online landscape, the tools we choose can greatly influence our success. Today, I delve into the universe of WordPress—a tool that has been pivotal in my journey and could revolutionise yours too.

Y2K aesthetic

A Walk Down Memory Lane with WordPress

Back in 2003, WordPress began as a modest blogging tool. Fast-forward to today, it has become the go-to CMS for countless entrepreneurs and SMEs, both here in Harrogate and across the globe. My personal use with WordPress began in 2008, having hard-coded sites in HTML and CSS prior to that. The transition was a breath of fresh air. It wasn’t just a platform; for me, WordPress represented a paradigm shift in how I approached web design.

Why WordPress Stands Out

  1. Intuitive User Interface: Especially for those new to the digital realm, WordPress offers an approachable starting point.
  2. Extensibility with Plugins: For instance, Yoast—an excellent tool for SEO—is something I often integrate into the sites I craft.
  3. Customisable Themes: Speaking of personal preferences, Divi has been my trusted companion for many projects. Its adaptability ensures that each design remains unique.

For The Web Design Enthusiasts

If you’re a young designer or someone deeply interested in web aesthetics and functionality, you might have come across the term ‘Neubrutalism’. I’ve explored this on my website previously. It’s intriguing to see how such design philosophies can be integrated with platforms like WordPress to create truly captivating digital experiences.

Challenges? They Exist

No platform is without its hitches. Regular updates, occasional clashes between plugins, and the occasional security concern mean that using WordPress does come with its set of responsibilities. However, with a vigilant approach and regular maintenance, most of these hitches are easily manageable.


Whether you’re an SME looking to establish a robust online presence or an upcoming designer curious about the nuances of modern web design, I’m here to guide, help, and collaborate. If this post has sparked an interest, do leave a comment below. And if you’re contemplating a web design project or need help navigating the digital landscape, don’t hesitate to get in touch.