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I am blessed in that I have a diverse range of clients. This includes everyone from Health Coaches & Dog Walkers to Bars & Portfolios. One of my clients is the best Audio/Visual Installation/Hire Company in Harrogate, ASAV. The proprietor of ASAV, Allan Smyth, is also the owner of Creao Studio. I built the website for Creao Studio in its current guise. You can read about that HERE. What I want to talk to you about is the redesign of the app that takes the bookings for Creao Studio.

The website I built for Creao Studio is getting a lot of traffic to it – the website is the only port of call for people who need to use the studio. Allan insists on money up front so that he bypasses the time wasters.

This needed to be a very secure system so that people –

  1. Could safely ask for studio time.
  2. Had trust in the project.
  3. Peoples details were safe.
  4. Was reliable.

This was delivered through the use of a custom SSL certificate – which has become standard on all the sites that I build – and integration with the Stripe payment method. Stripe is a great way of securely taking payments because none of the details are stored on my server. The details of the transactions are Stripe’s responsibility and are held on Stripe’s back-end. It is a safer way for Allan to get the money he is due.

Allan was quite keen to have a mobile first design – he believes that people will access his site more from a mobile device. I have tried to tell him that the current metrics show that people browse on mobile and then only commit on Laptops / Desktops. But, he was adamant. So, with this in mind, I have created a system that streamlines the mobile checkout by utilising the options of Apple Pay and Android Pay.

The timing of the studio space that Allan wanted to offer has been changed too – the visitor to the site now books two-hour chunks. There is the option to book any of the rooms and there is the option to book Allan to record your Jam.

It really is a good app. This is how I sorted the Bookings for Creao Studio.


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