www.mastering.wtf was a bit of a personal project of mine – it is for me and run by me. But, I would like to write up about it here so that I can share some insight in to the build. If you want to see the best place for cheap DJ mix mastering click here – it is the site I have just completed.

Well, the site is built on HTML – a language I am slowly learning and is the backbone of sites that are not shackled by PHP scripts, like WordPress builds. However, I still prefer WordPress builds but I was experimenting.

www.mastering.wtf was built using The Personal Page – a code developed by Weightshift and hosted on Github.


Mastering.WTF Logo

It was joy to work with and fairly simple to set up – there was no real drama.

So, what is Mastering.WTF ??? It is a way of me re-engaging with DJs. I have had a bit of success as a producer and I want to share the skills I have learned by mastering DJ mixes for people.

The client will upload their mix to my Google Drive via a custom-made file uploader – normally it is close to impossible to ask for File Requests on Google Drive – but I managed to crack it. The rest was just the branding – I will pop the background of www.mastering.wtf into my portfolio on this site and the logo is embedded on this blog post..

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