Book Review: “Design As Art” by Bruno Munari

Bruno Munari’s “Design As Art” is a must-read for mid-level designers looking to improve their craft. Munari, an Italian designer and artist, explores the relationship between design and art, and how design can be elevated to the level of art.

design as art cover


The book is divided into three parts: “Visual, Tactile, and Practical,” each of which addresses a different aspect of design. Munari covers a wide range of topics, from the importance of simplicity in design to the role of intuition in the creative process. Throughout the book, he stresses the importance of balancing form and function and the need for designers to consider the user experience.


One of the strengths of Munari’s approach is his ability to provide concrete examples to illustrate his points. For example, in the section on visual design, he includes a discussion of the impact of colour on perception and mood, and provides several examples of how different colour schemes can be used to achieve different effects.

Another strength of the book is Munari’s writing style. He writes in a clear, accessible manner that is easy to follow, even for readers with no background in design. He also includes plenty of illustrations and diagrams to help readers visualise his ideas.


One potential weakness of the book is that some of the examples Munari uses may feel dated to modern readers. However, the underlying principles he discusses remain relevant and valuable. It is up to the reader to apply these principles in a way that is appropriate for contemporary design.

Summing Up

In conclusion, “Design As Art” is a valuable resource for mid-level designers looking to improve their skills and deepen their understanding of the design process. Munari’s approach is thoughtful, insightful, and engaging, and his emphasis on the importance of balancing form and function is particularly relevant in today’s design landscape. I highly recommend this book to any designer looking to take their work to the next level. You can buy a copy of the book HERE.

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