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In the ever-evolving field of design, the quest for meaningful and ethical practice takes a front seat in Kelly Small’s insightful book, “The Conscious Creative.” This book offers a compelling framework for creatives who aspire to weave ethical considerations into their professional lives. As a content designer working with nonprofits and the go-to web designer in Harrogate, I found Small’s arguments not only relevant but essential for anyone looking to make a positive impact through their work.

a photo of Andrew Backhouse holding "The Conscious Creative" by Kelly Small

Overview of the book

“The Conscious Creative” acts as both a manifesto and a practical guide for creatives who want to integrate personal values into their work. Small, drawing from their own experiences, presents a nuanced approach to ethical creativity that goes beyond good intentions to actionable insights. The book is structured to lead readers through understanding the importance of ethical practices, identifying personal and societal values, and implementing these in their creative endeavours.

Ethical creativity in nonprofit design

In the nonprofit sector, where resources are often limited and the stakes high, the principles laid out in “The Conscious Creative” resonate deeply. Small’s emphasis on ethical decision-making is not about choosing the easy path but the right one. For a content designer like myself, who aims to amplify the voices of those often unheard, Small’s advice offers a blueprint for aligning project outcomes with core organisational values.

The book highlights several key areas where ethical creativity can be applied, from mindful communication to sustainable sourcing. Each chapter concludes with actionable steps, making it easier for professionals to apply these insights in real-world scenarios.

Application in local web design

As Harrogate’s ‘local web design guy,’ I found the sections on sustainable digital practices particularly enlightening. Small discusses the environmental impact of digital solutions and suggests practical ways to minimise this footprint. From choosing green hosting providers to optimising website code for efficiency, the book encourages designers to consider the broader implications of their work.

“The Conscious Creative” also stresses the importance of inclusivity in design—a principle that resonates with my commitment to making digital spaces accessible to all. Small’s approach encourages designers to think about how their work affects a diverse audience and to strive for designs that are not only beautiful but universally usable.

Personal reflections and the path forward

Kelly Small eloquently argues that the path of an ethical designer is not just beneficial but necessary for a sustainable future. This resonates with my personal philosophy where I believe that if more designers were driven by their ethics, the world indeed would be a better place. The book serves as a reminder that our creative skills are a powerful tool for change and that we hold the responsibility to use them wisely.

Throughout “The Conscious Creative,” Small’s writing is both professional and profoundly personal, making complex concepts accessible without oversimplifying the challenges. This balance makes the book a valuable read for both seasoned professionals and those new to the field of creative design.


“The Conscious Creative” by Kelly Small is an essential read for any designer looking to navigate the complexities of modern creative industries ethically. It offers a thoughtful examination of how we can integrate ethics into every aspect of our creative processes. As someone who serves both the nonprofit sector and local businesses, this book has equipped me with a more robust framework to approach my projects not just with creativity but with conscience.

In conclusion, Small’s book is not merely a guide but a call to action for all creatives to consider the impact of their work on the world. It is a compelling argument for the power of ethical creativity and a manual on harnessing this power responsibly. For anyone in the creative industry looking to make their work matter, “The Conscious Creative” is indispensable.

This review is a reflection of how “The Conscious Creative” has influenced my approach as a content designer and web developer. For fellow creatives in Harrogate and beyond, I highly recommend this book as a guide to making thoughtful, ethical choices in our designs and business practices.

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