In the digital age, your website is more than just a part of your business; it is your digital storefront, the first impression many will have of your brand, especially if you’re an artist or photographer. Understanding the value of this digital presence is crucial. As a freelance website designer based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, I’ve worked with numerous brands to craft websites that not only look professional but perform exceptionally on all fronts.

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The importance of a quality website

  • Increased Credibility: A well-designed website lends instant credibility to your brand. It shows potential clients and collaborators that you take your art seriously enough to present it in the best possible light.
  • Professional Outcome: Professional website design blends aesthetics with functionality. Your site will not only showcase your work beautifully but also be easy to navigate, encouraging visitors to explore more of your content.
  • Better Customer Engagement: A website designed with the user in mind fosters better engagement. Through intuitive design and strategic user experience (UX) planning, your site can captivate and hold the attention of your audience longer.
  • SEO Benefits: In the vast sea of online content, being visible is paramount. Professional website design incorporates SEO best practices to ensure your site ranks well for relevant searches, bringing your art in front of more eyes.

Understanding the cost

As a Full Member of The Chartered Society of Designers since 2023, my expertise is not just in creating visually appealing websites but in crafting platforms that perform. My project-based pricing model breaks down to £35/hour, ensuring transparency and predictability in costs. Quality, after all, has its price, but the value it brings to your brand is incomparable.

Case studies

  • Creao: The success of Creao’s website speaks volumes. The site has become the cornerstone of the business, driving all income for the rehearsal room directly through online bookings.
  • This website is a testament to what professional design can achieve. With an exceptional user experience, it consistently ranks on the first page of Google for its targeted keywords, showcasing the SEO advantage of professional website design.

The advantage of hiring a freelancer

Choosing a freelancer like myself means you get the same high-quality job as you would from an agency but at a fraction of the cost. Freelancers don’t carry the overheads agencies do, allowing for more budget-friendly yet personalised services.

Call to action

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