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My site here, my portfolio of web design in Harrogate – www.andybackhouse.com – has had a bit of a redesign. All of the changes are very subtle, but the combined effect is something I am quite proud of.

The first thing you probably will notice is that the font has changed. I am now using a Font called Orkney; Orkney is a geometric typeface designed and conceptualised by Samuel Oakes. The goal in creating the typeface was to have a unique yet functional typeface that can be used for a wide variety of projects on print or screen.

Oakes had a clear vision that the font should be legible even at smaller sizes – this is evidenced by the fact that there is a tail on the lower-case “l”. One of the main factors in choosing this font was the truncated “k” – I love it!

Another massive change to the site was that I got rid of the background image – please see an example of it to the right.

The “creampaper.png” was retrieved from Subtle Patterns but had a bit of a dated look about it and made the site a bit, well … frumpy. So, with the combination of the new, Orkney Font and the clean use of negative space – I hope to make a bit more of a splash.

I have also had a crack at the About Page and the Web Design Prices Page. The About Page is one I will roll out on other sites – other sites that need clean design. I am very chuffed with the page for web design pricing. The Toggle section was a joy to make.


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