I am staying up late to listen to The Ashes – England have a chink of light having taken four wickets yesterday; there is hope. I have spent my time with a redesign and I am pleased as punch with the redesign for my own site, www.theparishnews.com.

The Parish News is my radio show – as readers of this Blog may know, the old site was a basic HTML Build. I have upgraded the CMS of the site to WordPress and implemented higher sharing capabilities to make the site more social and shareable and I have some nice Parallax on the single-page site too.

I have used some familiar artwork for the background of the Parallax  – I used the artwork I had previously for Sigil Of Brass Review Site – another of my sites – so that there is a bit of cohesion and branding for my music ventures, well, the avant-garde ones.

I hope the reader does not mind but I have written a bit about the show on the site and I have written a bit about myself – to try and make the presenter of my radio show a bit more accessible and lead to regular listeners.

However, the site is not yet complete – I will be using Jem Henderson (proprietor of Weasel Words) for the copywriting. If you want to see the design, before the copywritten text is made available, please see the image to the right.



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