I am a keen blogger – I have a personal Blog as well as work blogs. Blogging helped inform me of my future career as a web designer. I have been blogging for over 5 years. But, what is a Blog? A Blog is a “Web Log.”

My Blog is – as all my sites are – a WordPress site. I have used WordPress since the outset and I have cultivated a skillset for the management of sites using that ecosystem to the best of my ability.

My Blog is housed at www.ijopona.org. I chose a not-for-profit TLD (the “.org” part) and named is “Ijo Pona” which is in the artificial language of Toki Pona. In the language of Toki Pona, “Ijo Pona” translates into English as “Something Good.” The language, Toki Pona, comprises of 120 root words and is designed to simplify the thought process of people using it complying with the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis – it’s a Zen type thing I guess. So my domain is “www [dot] something good [dot] org”.

My Blog, www.ijopona.org, is a WordPress build that has been made with thorough attention to margins and typography. By minimizing decorations, it maximizes the beauty of what I write – even if it drivel. Moreover, it’s been firmly designed so its visual appearance won’t collapse.

Check it out at www.ijopona.org.

Whilst my blog, Ijo Pona, is for pleasure – almost a diary of events that I wish to share with people – there is a lot of benefit for businesses to have a blog.

The most obvious is Long-Tail SEO – if you have a prospective clients Search Request written down on a well-standing blog then the chances of your site being boosted in SERP are increased.

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