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I was offered the opportunity to have a crack at Creao Studio’s site. The build is a wordpress build so I quickly found my way around it and re-familiarised myself with my previous work.

The main point was to try and create a video header to embed some video that Allan had received. Here is the video:

The header is currently designed to show the video on laptop and desktop computers only – this is to save on the data transfer for mobile devices such as tablets and phones. The video would also have terrible issues rendering on small screens and slow devices that the site would never load on a mobile device was the header a video.

So, the solution was to have two headers. A mobile header and a laptop-orientated header. This seems to work.

On the Creao website there is still the opportunity to book studio space and have a sound technician help you out. Creao Studio has become a bit of a home-for-home for me; I am often there making music or recording my radio show, The Parish News.


Check out the redesign of Creao Studio’s website by clicking here.

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