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Shuffle Sound System's Web Site Banner - Headphones for a mobile disco

Shuffle Sound System’s Web Site Banner


I’m pleased with my work rate of late – I have got into a good routine with the changing of the clocks and I hope that the cycle of staying up late and waking up at all hours to complete jobs has been broken.

This morning I managed to put the finishing touches to www.shufflesoundsystem.com.

Shuffle Sound System is Harrogate’s only specialist Silent Disco sound system. The idea is that people will put on light headphones and select one of the channels we are broadcasting on – there will be a DJ assigned to each of the channels.

So, on Channel 1 you could have Dub, Channel 2 Cheese and Channel 3 House. This will allow the punter to select what type of music they will be listening to. The hard part was designing an infographic on the front page that responded well to different screen sizes.

As it stands, the site is fully responsive.

Shuffle Sound System needed a complex Booking Form for their equipment – so that they can give accurate quotes and not waste their clients time.

The logo is one I enjoyed designing –


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