As a dedicated web designer based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, Andrew Backhouse Web Design recognises the significance of building an inclusive digital environment. We believe that websites should not only be attractive and functional but also accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities. One area we particularly focus on is making websites user-friendly for those with visual impairments.

Accessibility in web design, often abbreviated as a11y, refers to the inclusive practice of removing barriers that might prevent people with disabilities from interacting with or accessing websites. As a design studio, we have made a conscious effort to prioritise visual accessibility in our design process, ensuring our websites are as user-friendly as possible for those with visual impairments.

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One practical way we’ve integrated visual accessibility into our work is through the implementation of an innovative accessibility widget, provided by Userway. This unique tool, visible as a small blue widget on the right side of our client’s websites, offers visitors a suite of accessibility options, making their browsing experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Customising A11y For My Clients

These options include dyslexia-friendly typefaces, larger text options, adjustable contrast settings, and reading masks. These settings allow each visitor to customise the website to meet their individual needs, ensuring that content is not just accessible, but also easy to understand and interact with.

We’ve chosen to include the Userway widget as part of our standard design package, but the final decision to include it is always up to our clients. You can see examples of this widget in action by visiting our portfolio.

We believe that web accessibility should be standard, not an optional extra. It is a principle we uphold and seamlessly integrate into every project we undertake. Despite not having any specific certifications in web accessibility, we are committed to staying informed about best practices and using tools like Userway to help make the web a more accessible place for everyone.

Are You Interested In More?

Are you looking to make your website more accessible? Or perhaps you’re building a new website and want to ensure it’s user-friendly for people with visual impairments? Our team at Andrew Backhouse Web Design is ready to help. While Userway provides a free widget for those building their websites, you might need some assistance getting everything set up and ensuring optimal functionality. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for support.


Here at Andrew Backhouse Web Design, I believe in pushing the boundaries of web design, not just in aesthetics, but also in accessibility. I’m proud to be making the web a better place, one website at a time, right here in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

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