Telinga UK import and distribute Telinga Microphones from Sweden. Telinga microphones are the best Parabolic microphones you can buy and are ideal for wildlife recording. A Parabolic microphone can give the impression that you are up to 10x closer to the subject that a conventional microphone.

I was contacted by Julia K, from Telinga UK, about a redesign of their existing website. The first draft of their site was home-built using HTML and was not a responsive site – it was not mobile ready so people in the field carrying out wildlife recording would not have been able to access the site.

I quickly transferred the data from their existing site on to a responsive grid and the site is now mobile friendly.

Whilst they opted not to have a shop I have set their price list up in a good table. They opted not to have a shop due to the fact that the microphones are made to order – this can have a significant impact on the time it takes to deliver a microphone from ordering to receiving.

The site sits on top of the old site, in a sub-folder. This allowed the old site to function whilst I went about building their new site in the back ground. To allow a smooth transition this is good practice. I have effected a .htaccess redirect to the new sub-folder today – so the new version of the site is now live with minimal overlap time.

Here is the code –

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^$ /new [L]

Both parties seem to be happy with the build. I recommend that you go and see the site for yourself. To do so, just visit

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