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When I first turned freelance, I built the original website for The Champagne Concept on Oxford Street, Harrogate. The proprietor, Laurence, has been in contact with me to see about a re-design of the front page of the website to keep it up to date with the way that The Champagne Concept presents itself.

Working closely with my client, I produced the front-page that he hoped for and that I was happy with.

The CC’s website had been constantly toyed with and tweaked so that the front page had become a bit cluttered and was a bit confusing. Following on from my client’s brief, and implementing the thinking of Bob Gill, we stripped the clutter away from the front page whilst achieving an increase in functionality.

The ‘Bounce Rate’ through the front page is improving by the hour.

If you want to see the site for yourself head over HERE.

… or, even better, treat yourself to a glass of fizz at The Champagne Concept, 22a Oxford Street, Harrogate HG1 1PU.


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