A few days ago I bought the domain www.soundmapofharrogate.co.uk. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it – I wanted to collect the soundscape of the town of Harrogate and her surrounding district.

This could prove a Herculean task – but, I am comfortably in for the long-haul.

The domain is all set up and ready to go – I will be inviting people to contribute to the project and the mechanism for their contribution is all set up too.

The site is built on WordPress and features a Google Map on the landing page – thanks to coded customisations, I have edited the site to suit my needs. Here is a snapshot of it –


At present, there are only two recording sitting on it – but I aim to get the general public to contribute to this, thoroughly democratic, project. Nobody is making money from this so, if you have a smartphone and a spare few minutes, why not record the local area for prosperity.

Spurred on by the recent British Library effort to document our Coastline’s sounds, I thought of doing something similar closer to home. Wouldn’t it be great to go back ten, twenty, forty, sixty or one hundred years and hear the voices and music that was ebbing and flowing through the district at the time?

Well, that is what I am inviting you to contribute to.

Sound Map Of Harrogate can be found HERE.

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