I’m a freelance content designer

What exactly constitutes a good content designer? It involves much more than the simplistic approach of merely typing and hoping for the best. A proficient content designer actively collaborates with UX/UI designers, integrating seamlessly into the design process. Their role is crucial in shaping the language and communication strategies used in both the reasoning behind, and the presentation of, the product or service.

The role of a content designer is pivotal in the development of digital products. They ensure that every piece of written content—from navigation elements to user instructions—aligns perfectly with the users’ needs and expectations. Their work involves a continuous cycle of researching, testing, and refining to create a seamless user experience that aligns perfectly with the strategic objectives of the product or service.

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Andrew Backhouse is a qualified content designer


Project #03 – Cloze Testing for long-form text


Project #02 – Conversation mining


Project #01 – Assessing content design

Community Radio

Empty state pages

An email chain

Keeping people up to date


Writing blog posts

Content Designer

I thrive on working with inspiring individuals. I love language & tech and my focus is to get your words to sound more human.

  • I have a decade of experience in tackling complex business challenges
  • Since 2015 I have worked as a Freelance Web Designer
  • And, you can couple this with a background as a University Lecturer

So, my writing skills ensure your digital content is clear, helpful, and concise.

Andrew is your kind of freelance Content Designer if:

  • You’re a UI/UX Designer needing an expert Content Designer to enhance your designs
  • You’re a business owner eager to transform your ideas into effective blog posts that engage your customers
  • You’re a marketing manager fed up with agencies producing off-brief, expensive, ordinary copy for blog posts
  • You’re starting a new business or startup and require assistance in developing your brand voice and digital communications

Let’s chat about the scope of your project and go from there. You are in good hands, I studied at the UX Design Institute.

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