The UX Design Institutes professional certificate in content design – Project #01

The problem

I am studying towards a Professional Certificate in Content Design with the UX Design Institute.

As part of the course, I need to complete projects in order to sit the exam.

Project #01 allowed me to assess a piece of content against the six principles of good content design.

The strategy

I began to understand how to communicate these principles with others, which will help me in my future work as a Content Designer.

The digital method was using Miro, the online whiteboard, and screengrabs.

Why you should care

I will have the relevant training and I will be able to help, and to work, as a Content Designer.

examples of blog copywriting in the entertainment sector.

My first task involved examining a piece of content through the lens of six key content design principles. By recording my observations, I grasped how to share these ideas with others, a skill that’s invaluable for a future in content design.


  • I had to choose a website or app from one of these areas to analyse:
    1. Travel
    2. Healthcare
    3. Insurance
  • Review its content based on the six content design principles.
  • Report my findings, focusing on at least three principles:
    1. Identify which principles the content meets or misses, and explain why.
    2. Clearly mention each principle as you discuss it.
    3. Use examples, like quotes or screenshots, to back up your points.



If I were to do this project again, I would present it as more of a corporate document.

I made this project as an academic exercise and there are a lot of gaps in the study.

One of the most notable is that there should be a “flow” for the screens – I cherry picked pages from the app and I am not showing how the pages interact. This is something I need to work on.

In my project, the flow of the pages – to buy a train ticket with the Northern Rail app – needs a lot of work. My screenshots need to interact a lot more.

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