Blogging for a community radio station

The problem

Harrogate Community Radio (HCR) is a passion project for me. I am one of the founders of the station and I am the CTO (Chief Technical Officer) for the station, too.

I have written a few blog posts for the station’s website and I would like to share them for you here.

Some of the blog articles I have written for the station are relevant to my portfolio.

But, the blog posts in my portfolio (herein) were necessary to hammer home the Brand ID for the station.

It is through the copy on the station’s website that the radio station hopes to engage with it’s audience. It is down to the station’s website’s copy to tie the shows and broadcasters all in together, in to one coherent package.

The strategy

The station’s website is a WordPress website and I had access to the back end. I had free reign to blog how I seemed fit. Other hosts wrote some of the successful blog posts on their site. I have linked to the blog posts I have written, below, in this article

Why you should care

The radio station now has 117 pages / posts that rank No1 on Google for their desired Keyword. This is according to Google.

examples of blog writing in harrogate, north yorkshire

Why choose Harrogate Community Radio?

So, the first blog post on the station’s site that I am going to point you towards is called “Why Choose Harrogate Community Radio?

The station needed to make a case for itself – why would anyone want to tune in to a group of passionate amateurs when there is a fully fledged commercial station in town?

Well, thanks to researching the hosts, it was just that; the passion of the presenters was exactly what people tuned in for.

a screen grab of Harrogate community Radio showing the blog post I wrote for them No1

The gentle charm of slow media: a spotlight on ‘Out There Together’

The second blog post I am going to point you towards is all about Slow Media on the radio.

It all started in Lockdown. Open Country are a volunteer group who help people access the countryside who would not necessarily be able to access the countryside, mainly due to health. One of their volunteers, Tom Marsh, started to record his rambles and hikes through West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire – it is compelling to listen to.

I wrote an article to try and frame the recordings as a tonic for the stress that Lock Down was exerting on Harrogate, and the UK at large.

a screen grab of Harrogate community Radio showing the blog post I wrote for them No2

“So, how many people listen to Harrogate Community Radio?”

In this era of analytics and data-driven decision-making, it’s natural to be curious about the size of the station’s audience. As creators and broadcasters, we often wonder how many people are tuning in to our radio shows. However, at Harrogate Community Radio, they firmly believe that chasing numbers is a false economy. Their primary focus is not on the quantity of our listeners but on the quality of our content.

I needed to write a blog post to stop the persistent questioning of “Do you have many listeners?”

Good natured as this joke is, we will never have millions of listeners – but we would not know because we do not have the analytics package for the streams of the radio.

So, does Harrogate Community Radio have many listeners? It is good to get a balanced opinion.

a screen grab of Harrogate community Radio showing the blog post I wrote for them No3


I figure I would write up about Blog Copywriting and show you some examples of what I am capable of – if you have any further questions, please feel free to get in contact with me using the button in the footer – or, just say “Hi!”

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