A freelancer’s weekly newsletter

The problem

In my other role, as a freelance web designer, and as a Content Designer, I have quite a few past clients. And, I figure when I am out of site, I am out of mind – so I stay in-sight with a weekly newsletter to my past clients.

When I write my newsletter, I am combining both content design and my work as a freelance web designer. The email newsletter is from “Andrew Backhouse” as opposed to being from one of my twin businesses.

The strategy

  • I place onboarding sign-ups throughout my work websites. This enables people to sign up to my email newsletter and ensures I do not break the rules of GDPR.
  • I schedule a weekly newsletter for delivery on every Friday at 9am – so it arrives as my client starts work.

Why you should care

As a web designer, my business comes from word-of-mouth. I need to be on the tip of my client’s tongues for easy referral.

The newsletters I send out are also a good way of keeping people abreast with what I have been doing. But, this is not the main motive; remaining in the forefront of their mind is the main aim of the email newsletters.

In short, my newsletter is to remind people I exist; so that I have not built them a website and then abandoned them to it.

a photo mockup of a laptop with a newsletter loaded on the screen

In the digital world, engagement and visibility are key. An active role in my clients’ lives is more crucial than ever. This case study explores how I use weekly newsletters. I used them to engage clients and stay visible.

The challenge

In this profession, projects are intermittent and client interaction is project-based. Staying top-of-mind with clients during quiet periods is a big challenge. The risk of becoming “out of sight, out of mind” is a very real prospect and can impact future opportunities.

The solution

I identified a weekly newsletter as a key strategy. It will address this challenge. The newsletter’s design and content were carefully crafted. They were made to align with the following objectives:

  • Engage readers with relevant content. Each newsletter has industry insights. It covers the latest trends in web design and UX writing. It also has practical tips for clients to use on their digital presence.
  • Add a personal touch. Highlight recent projects and share personal milestones or stories. These efforts foster a sense of community and personal connection.

The newsletters have clear and concise formatting. They are easy to read and to scan quickly. Bullet points highlight key points. And, short paragraphs pack a punch.


The results speak volumes. Since the launch of the weekly newsletter, client engagement has noticeably increased. This increase was measured by:

  • High open and click-through rates, indicating that content is relevant and valued.
  • Clients give positive feedback by email and in person. They appreciate the insights and personal touches. This feedback reinforces their connection to me.
  • The newsletter increases inquiries and repeat business. It keeps me, as a designer, top-of-mind for clients if they are considering new projects or recommending my services to others.

Here are three examples of the newsletter that I have sent out, plus a sign up form so you can receive the newsletters:


The weekly newsletter is an effective tool. It keeps me visible and engaged with clients. It serves as a reminder of the designer’s skill and value. It also reinforces vital personal connections. This strategy has turned the challenge of “out of sight, out of mind” into an opportunity. It has done so by fostering sustained engagement and growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Consistency is king: Regular communication keeps me relevant and engaged with your audience.
  • Content is crucial: Providing value through your content encourages engagement and fosters loyalty.
  • Personal touch matters: Personal stories and insights create a deep connection with my audience.

This case study shows the importance of clear, interesting communication. It is key for keeping and growing client relationships. It is a powerful reminder of the potential of newsletters. They transform how I connect with my clients. Newsletters make up an essential part of my marketing strategy.

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