A Logo Design For Arber Decor.

Arber Decor was a Painter & Decorator who worked in Harrogate around 2015-2017.

Dom Arber has since relocated to the coast and he has taken his great reputation with him.

Dom’s company needed visual branding to make it stand out from the crowd – something to put on the side of his van and on his invoices.

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Feedback loop for Arber Decor.

  • Initial Briefing: Dom, a local decorator needs a logo that feels homely yet sophisticated enough to land good clients.
  • First Presentation: I show a logo with a paintbrush icon, one with just text, and another one with a paintbrush.
  • Client Feedback: The client prefers the text-only one but wants to see it with different fonts.
  • Revisions: I try three new fonts and adjusts the size of the boxes.
  • Further Feedback: My client loves the new font but asks for a softer colour palette.
  • Final Adjustments: I tweak the colours, and the client approves the final design.
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What Is Arber Decor All About?

Arber Decor was a Painter and Decorator who worked in Domestic settings.

He helped people attain the house of their dreams.

He offered quality craftmanship and he offered it on a budget.

Based in High Harrogate, back when he contacted me for a logo, he used to serve Harrogate and the surrounding area.

He now lives in Scarborough and remains in contact with me.

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The Designing Of Arber Decor’s Logo?

The idea that Dom, at Arber Decor, painted with a set surface, a frame almost, was expressed in the framed logo.

Colours were kept to monotone so that he was not forcing his palette on anyone – this could have been a thorn in his side because if a household had seen his logo and they really dig his colour choice, then it would open a conversation about what Pantone to paint their bathroom.

this was subtly avoided by having a cut out section to the left of the design.

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