A family crest for K & A Backhouse, 2024.

Introducing the whimsical and charming family crest I designed for me and my wife, crafted with a playful nod to tradition and a dash of modern flair. This crest, a delightful blend of heritage and humour, features a shield adorned with icons that tell a story unique to the Backhouse nest.

The crest’s monochrome colour and clean lines pay homage to mid-century modern aesthetics, creating a timeless yet contemporary emblem.

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What is in it?

Me and Kathryn met in 2006, it has been a great few years and we are pretty much indivisible now; there is no set partition between us.

The shield in the centre of the crest shows this – it indicates strength. Within the shield is a pie, a puppy face and a potato, being sliced for crisps.

At the top of the shield is a fountain to indicate the spa town we live in, Harrogate – a town famous for people coming to take the water.

Guarding the shield are two ferocious sausage dogs – both a good boi.

The scroll says “We love dogs,” in Latin.

Freelance Web Designer Harrogate - iPhone14Pro Mockup 01 scaled 2

“Why though?”

Every detail of this crest is thoughtfully designed to celebrate the personalities and passions of Kathryn & myself.

This project not only showcases my skills in logo design but also highlights my ability to infuse personal stories into visual identities, making each creation uniquely meaningful.

Nest’s crest stands as a testament to the joy of blending tradition with modern design, bringing a touch of playful elegance to my portfolio.

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