A Logo Design For Harrogate Community Radio.

Harrogate Community Radio is a not-for-profit aiming to give everyone in Harrogate a broadcasting voice.

They are an internet only broadcast that can be picked up on anything with an internet connection. Everything from Phones to Alexas and other smart speakers.

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Feedback loop for Harrogate Community Radio.

  • Initial Briefing: A community radio station started in 2019 – I was one of the admin there. They wanted a modern, minimalist logo.
  • First Presentation: Three concepts are presented: one with a stylised “HCR”, one with a geometric shape, and one with a radio icon.
  • Client Feedback: The client likes the geometric shape but wants it in different colours.
  • Revisions: I change the colours and present three variations, making it less politically aggravating.
  • Approval and Sign-off: The client chooses one variation, gives a thumbs up, and the project is completed.

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What Is Harrogate Community Radio About?

Harrogate Community Radio (HCR) is a grassroots movement that hopes to give everyone a chance to broadcast on their station – they are a democratic organisation who do not want top-down management.

It is the sort of radio station where everyone with a music axe to grind gets to do so – the programming is wildly eclectic and Harrogate is all the better for it. Where else will you hear ’50s crooners and then Moroccan Hip-Hop, Free Jazz and then Shoegaze.

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The Designing Of Harrogate Community Radio’s Logo?

I wanted to hint at community cohesion – there was a draft using the colours of the political parties, it may be seen publicly, if you really search – but the radio station decided to change colour scheme so that the could palette being used is a very “Yorkshire” set of colours.

Research was done to find the most common colours and hues in a range of favoured stock photography of the Yorkshire Dales and of Harrogate – the colour palette was whittled from there.

The three circles, interlinked show that, despite there being an odd number, they co-exist despite their oddness.

The text is Ariel Rounded so that it has zero sharp edges.

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