A Logo Design For Julian Varley – Electrician.

Julian Varley is an electrician based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Hi demographic is both companies and individuals who have an emphasis on good design.

There was an understanding that he did not want to be billed as an ‘everyday’ electrician, having looked up to the great designers and architects of our generation.

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The feedback loop.

  • Initial Briefing: A local electrician needs a sleek, elegant logo. One that doesn’t scream electrician yet is still good enough to work in all of the budget-free houses in Harrogate borough.
  • First Presentation: I present logos with a monogram, a stylised plug icon, and a minimalist wordmark.
  • Client Feedback: My client likes the monogram but finds it too simple.
  • Revisions: I simplify the monogram and add the brand name and present it again.
  • Further Feedback: The client is happy with the simplification but requests a different layout.
  • Final Adjustments: The layout is centred, and the client gives their approval.
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What Is The Electrician, Julian Varley, About?

Julian Varley is an electrician who has a bias towards good design.

He hopes to attract design savvy clientele and his logo needed to say as much.

The logo should work on the side of his transport, his clothing and his business cards… it needed to be highly functional and easily deployed in quite a few situations.

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The Designing Of Julian Varley’s Logo

I wanted to hone in on the artisan, craftsman vibe of what Julian does, so I went with a hand drawn JV to act as the Monogram.

The rest of the text is Sans Serif to highlight how it is a modern take.

We bounced a few ideas off each other to reach the final outcome.

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