A Logo Design For The Biscuit Selection

I admit this was a passion project – I am using this because there is a good logo involved. 

The Biscuit Selection is a series of high-charting DJ Mixes, as made by myself.

I had a bit of success a few years in the charts and this is one of the things that stayed, long after the dust had settled.

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Feedback loop (to walk it though like a paying client).

  • Initial Briefing: A prolific and active DJ duo needed digital artwork for a series of online mixes – this was for the public.
  • First Presentation: I ran three ideas past my bandmate, Al. There were elements and themes from the heyday of Sound System Culture
  • Client Feedback: Al loved the punk-style type and the vector of a biscuit being played like a record.
  • Revisions: Combining six elements to make three iterations of an image where there is punk-style type and a record image.
  • Further Feedback: Al asks for a slight adjustment in the typography style.
  • Final Adjustments: The typography is refined, and then Al signs off on the final design.
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What are the Biscuit Selection DJ Mixes about?

Essentially, this is where I cut loose as a Dub DJ.

I am allowed to play tracks that do not make the grade for our radio show, Roots Conversation.

Often recorded at Creao Studio, these are a lot of fun to make and to listen to – as I hope the logo conveys.

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The designing of The Biscuit Selection’s logo

Team work. (Me and Al, the other part of the duo, Guerrilla Dub System) had a right laugh going through old records as we rated and iterated this design.

It is all we need for the mixes.

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