A logo designed for the Jazz Show on HCR.

I admit this was a passion project – I am using this because there is a good logo involved.

The Jazz Show on HCR is a series of monthly radio shows.

On the show, I play Spiritual and free jazz, Modal and Cool Jazz, too.

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Feedback loop (to walk it though like a paying client).

  • Initial Briefing: I host the HCR Jazz Show and I needed to run the logo past the admin of the station to get a final decision.
  • First Presentation: I ran three ideas past the admin of the radio station. The iterations were all revolving around the ’50s and ’60s modernist style of design. It was a theme we settled on before going to the screen
  • Client Feedback: We needed to make the design personal to me and to incorporate the calibre of music and musicianship that the show promoted.
  • Revisions: Combining six elements to make three iterations of an image where there is Jazz on HCR and something individual to me.
  • Further Feedback: Al asks for a slight adjustment in the graphic style.
  • Final Adjustments:The typface was settled on as it looked like heralding from the ’50s and there is an impression of a thumb print on the musical note. The admin loved it, so it was settled.
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What are the “Jazz on HCR” shows about?

It is expression at it’s most basic; I play music made by people who have mastered their craft and they can say what I am trying to say, in music.

Through the artists like Coltrane, Monk and Pahroah Sanders, I have been given a language to express and vocalise myself in in a piecemeal way.

I will never be fluent in how to express myself, especially by playing other people’s records – but I know of its effect on the hardest of hearts.

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The designing of Jazz on HCR.

I thought it was quite witty to pop “JAZZ” on top of HCR and the thumb-print – it read “JAZZ [on] HCR [unique signal].
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