A Logo Design For Wag Walk Woof.

Wag Walk Woof is a friendly, neighbourhood dog walker serving High Harrogate and Harrogate Town Centre.

Kathryn, the proprietor, is my partner and this logo was designed under the strictest of guidance.

Kathryn knew what she wanted and I knew how to interpret her needs in to a working logo.

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Feedback loop regarding Wag Walk Woof.

  • Initial Briefing: A dog walking company, my wife, wanted a fun, playful logo.
  • First Presentation: I showed Kathryn logos with a cartoon dog, a simple word logo, and a colourful charicateur with the company name.
  • Client Feedback: Kathryn loved the charicateur with the company name but wants it in more appropriate colours.
  • Revisions: The designer uses industry standard colours and adds playful typography.
  • Further Feedback: Kathryn asks for a slight adjustment in the typography style.
  • Final Adjustments: The typography is refined, and then Kathryn signs off on the final design.
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What Is Wag Walk Woof About?

Wag Walk Woof only walks one family of doggos in a walk.

This means that if your dog is a shy dog then there is no worries about it being put in a van and forced to socialise.

Kathryn is climate literate and does not drive a van. Preferring to walk everywhere, she knows the best haunts for your dog or she can stick to a predetermined route.

Dog walking is not just what Kathryn offers, with a backstory as a pet sitter, too, Kathryn is your dog’s new bestie.

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The Designing Of Wag Walk Woof’s Logo?

I wanted to make a stylised dog for the main logo mark – it seemed to work.

The typeface is worth it’s font weight in gold.

The software needed for this logo was Adobe Suite. As ever, this design started off as a hand drawn sketch. I then scanned the hand drawn sketch in to my computer and traced over it using my vector software.

Lines were drawn and hues were shaded; it worked out well…

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