Freelance Web Designer Harrogate - aamac website mock up 1

Building a Website for AAMac

I admit this is a personal website I built for myself, but it is so striking to look at. I love how the red accentuates the contrasting purple and white.

Me and a good friend are gigging DJs and we play out quite a bit. We needed a web presence to help with the booking process.

Freelance Web Designer Harrogate - aama mono
Freelance Web Designer Harrogate - aama mono


I wanted to design myself a website that allowed me to be booked as a DJ. I DJ’d for decades -s sometimes professionally and holding residencies, sometimes as a gig and a one-off event. But, they are always fun.

Time Line

December 2022

Tasks & Deliverables

  • Develop a modern, visually appealing design that aligns with AAMac’s unique style.
  • Create a responsive layout optimised for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
  • Provide clear navigation throughout the site, allowing visitors to easily find what they’re looking for.
  • Include an integrated blog section for updates on new releases, tours, and other news.
  • Implement streaming services (e.g., Spotify, Apple Music) links for users to listen to AAMac’s tracks directly from the website.
  • Integrate social media feeds to keep followers updated on the latest happenings in the world of AAMac.
  • Allow visitors to sign up for email notifications about upcoming events or exclusive content via a TinyLetter subscription form.
  • Optimise the website for SEO to improve visibility and attract more potential fans.
  • Ensure compatibility with various browsers and devices, including but not limited to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Edge, iOS, Android, etc.

Project Brief

AAMac (me and my friend) are electro DJs – they play clubs and warehouse raves. We’ve have been DJ’ing on and off for twenty years – with some success!

After moodboarding on Pinterest, created a visually striking website that was not based on the whims of fashion, but entrenched in the idioms of a musical genre.

  • Custom website design and development based on client input and feedback.
  • Responsive design compatible with multiple screen sizes and resolutions.
  • User-friendly navigation menu and structure.
  • WordPress CMS integration with basic training provided to the client.
  • Contact page with a submission form for booking requests or general inquiries.
  • Social media feed integration (Instagram, TinyLetter).
  • Mobile optimisation to ensure fast loading speeds and smooth performance across all devices.
  • Cross-browser testing for maximum compatibility and functionality.
Freelance Web Designer Harrogate - aamac website mock up 2
Freelance Web Designer Harrogate - aama mono 1

As an independent developer, I had complete creative freedom while constructing this website using only browser-based tools. This allowed me to fully unleash my imagination during a rapid development process. It truly was a delightful experience to work on, resulting in a swift completion time. My goal was to organise and display the content in a logical manner that would be easily understandable by event coordinators and promoters.

To help with the build of this website, I completed a course, so that the site stood a chance of being found online…


Designing Solutions

The goal of the project was to create an intuitive and seamless user experience for visitors. To achieve this, I made sure to clearly communicate AAMac’s role as DJs throughout the website and provided easy access to important information such as social media links. As a result, the footer features a prominent social media link that can be accessed from any page on the website. This design choice ensures that users are able to quickly connect with the DJ and stay up-to-date with their latest work or events. Overall, the combination of clear communication and ease of use makes for a well-designed website.

Next Steps

Once your website is fully designed, we proceeded with development. This included building out all of the individual pages, creating any necessary functionality such as contact forms or audio features, optimising images and other media elements for fast loading speeds, testing the site on multiple devices and browsers, and ensuring that everything works seamlessly together. I also worked with AAMac to ensure that all content is properly placed on each page, including text, images, videos, etc. Finally, once the website has passed through my rigorous quality control process, we will launch it live for the world to see!


Before launching the website, we performed comprehensive acceptance tests to verify that it meets the requirements outlined in this document. Any necessary revisions were made before final delivery to the client.

By working together, we created a stunning digital platform that showcases AAMac’s talents and connects them with their fanbase.

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