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AitchCo Copy

Fiona Hunt, at AitchCo Copywriting, is a Harrogate-based copywriter for the Arts. She deals with content creation for some quite big names. I had worked on a few sites for Fiona over the past few months, having been contacted by her August-time. She was a joy to work with!

Freelance Web Designer Harrogate - cropped cropped AitchCo Copy2 copy
Freelance Web Designer Harrogate - cropped cropped AitchCo Copy2 copy


I believe Fiona certainly had a vision in her head for the site – I worked to this, liaising online through the Basecamp app with constant feedback. All of our communication was kept to one focus point which ticked all of my boxes. When the task at hand was completed, we moved on to the next task, one at a time. After a series of wire frame designs we settled on the current iteration of the site.

Time Line

February 2023

Tasks & Deliverables

  • Implementing somebody else’s vision
  • Working remotely
  • Working digitally, online
  • Deliver a site to spec
  • Optimise the SEO so it is a found destination
  • Convey the service Fiona offers
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Project Brief

After being referred to Fiona via word of mouth from an arts industry colleague, I learned that Fiona possessed a valuable domain name as well as the initial stages of a website. Unfortunately, due to limited free time during the week, Fiona found herself struggling to devote adequate attention towards completing her online presence. Seeking assistance with this task, Fiona reached out to me in hopes of relieving some of the pressure associated with constructing a high-quality website. As a seasoned professional capable of translating vision into digital format, I accepted her request for aid in bringing her ideas to life on the web. Our collaboration began shortly thereafter.

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Freelance Web Designer Harrogate - cropped cropped AitchCo Copy2 copy

My services include creating custom-designed websites for clients like you. My most recent project involved building this website on the WordPress platform. Because it is WordPress, it makes it easy to update content and ensures compatibility across multiple devices. To achieve the best possible result, I used modern web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery, among others.

In order to ensure client satisfaction throughout the development phase, I employed an iterative process that allowed us to work together effectively. You provided valuable input by making suggestions or requests, which I then implemented after careful consideration. This way we were able to collaborate seamlessly and quickly come up with the right solutions.

Despite Fiona’s busy schedule, we managed to complete the website promptly thanks to our efficient communication strategy. Furthermore, the end product was well received and played a crucial role in establishing myself as one of the top-rated web designers in Harrogate, on Three Best Rated. Without a doubt, Fiona’s website contributed significantly to my success in this regard.

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Designing Solutions

Fiona needed a web page that is found – she is a copywriter for the Arts and she needed an web-presence that showed who her past clients were and why they had chosen to work with Fiona – there would be wrigglers and Fiona would have a new client base. Think of this website as one big business card – one that people all over the world are searching for.

The visitor starts to feel confident that working with Fiona will give them great results too, due to a well designed website. As they continue browsing through your site, they notice that she offers services tailored specifically towards artists, and her past work includes successful grant applications for organisations like The British Council or Creative Scotland. You even showcase a project where you created content for an interactive installation, engaging visitors at events such as Edinburgh Festival Fringe or Venice Biennale. And while doing so, you also highlighted the social impact it generated, attracting clients who care deeply about making positive change happen through their creative endeavour’s.

As the visitor continues scrolling down Fiona’s homepage, they learn more about your background and expertise gained from attending courses taught by industry leaders. This further increases their trust in hiring you. Additionally, they can easily contact you via email or fill out a form right on your website if they want to get started immediately. Overall, after visiting Fiona’s website, the visitor leaves feeling impressed, inspired, and ready to reach out to her for their next project. Fiona’s website has effectively converted them into a paying customer!

Next Steps

The site was built behind a Maintenance screen – so there is no need to transfer it to another server or wait for it to go live. After all it is live now.

There is room for growth on the site, though. I am available to create a page-per-service, which would be great for SEO.


This site was built between Fiona’s hectic schedules. She is a force of nature, and it was awesome to see her do her thing – so I wish Fiona and AitchCo Copy the best in the future. 

I am available to help with any improvements should they be needed. But, I am quite proud of this one…

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