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Andy Dennis is a nurse in Harrogate ICU. He has a history of volunteering for MSF (Doctors without Borders / Medecins sans frontieres) and he dedicates a lot of his downtime to give talks and raise funds for MSF. 

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I worked in tandem with Arris designers to sort a solution for Andy Dennis. Andy, at the time, was getting ready to walk Amsterdam to Barcelona. He needed something to tell his sponsors, loved ones and colleagues back in Harrogate what was happening. So, this site started off as a blog, for people to find out more about his fundraising.

Time Line

Apr 2016

Tasks & Deliverables

  • Working remotely
  • Web hosting
  • Freelance, white label design
  • Branding
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Project Brief

The site needed to be editable on a mobile phone – Andy was getting ready to walk across Europe and he did not have space for a Macbook. So, WordPress was chosen as the CMS by Arris, a long disbanded web design agency.

Andy needed to tell his story so people would have MSF’s struggle, and the struggle of the volunteers, in the front of their minds.

There needed to be a solution for receiving donations, too – Currently, Andy’s aim is to raise £200k for MSF.

Part of the website promotes a book that Andy Dennis wrote alongside Anna Simon – Ebola, Behind The Mask is their first-hand account of their time in an Ebola clinic in Sierra Leone.

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My services include creating custom-designed websites for clients like Andy Dennis – a charity fundraiser that needs a website and a steer on content. My most recent project involved building this website on the WordPress platform. Because it is WordPress, it makes it easy to update content and ensures compatibility across multiple devices, like Andy’s phone – which he did when working in Africa. To achieve the best possible result, I used modern web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery, among others.

In order to ensure client satisfaction throughout the development phase, I employed an iterative process that allowed us to work together effectively. You provided valuable input by making suggestions or requests, which I then implemented after careful consideration. This way we were able to collaborate seamlessly and quickly come up with the right solutions.

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Designing Solutions

Andy needed a website that is found – he is a charity fundraiser and he needed a web-presence that showed who his past sponsors and colleagues what he was up to – there would be wrigglers and Andy would have a new sponsor. Think of this website as one big business card – one that people all over the world are searching for.

Next Steps

  • Keep on updating the software
  • Keep on blogging
  • Keep on putting fresh content on the website
  • Keep on raising money for MSF


This site was built between Andy’s hectic schedules. He is a force of nature, and it was awesome to see him do his thing – so I wish Andy and Andy4MSF the best in the future.

I am available to help with any improvements should they be needed. But, I am quite proud of this collaboration with Arris…

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