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Anna Lilleengen

Anna Lilleengen is a fine art photographer based in Scandinavia. She needed a web presence that would show her photos to prospective clients, lay and industry.

This further evolved in to an eCommerce solution that makes it possible for Anna to sell her work to Europe and beyond.

Freelance Web Designer Harrogate - logo 1
Freelance Web Designer Harrogate - logo 1


I was tasked with a tight brief to work alongside Anna to build her a website that “framed” her images. It was built during Lockdown so all contact was online.

Time Line

May 2020

Tasks & Deliverables

  • Testing
  • Researching competitors
  • Liaising online
  • Gathering feedback by email
  • Working to a tight brief
  • Delivering a visually stunning website

Project Brief

I met Anna at an art event in The Mercer Art Gallery; she asked if I was “Website Andy Backhouse” to which I replied, “are you artist Anna?”

We spoke at length about the need for a smart digital presence; there was an existing website but it had fallen in to disrepair – it was a home made one that Anna was struggling to keep up to date.

The prospective site needed to “frame” Anna’s images so that they had the best platform to be viewed from. The idea was that this site would help Anna find more work.

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Freelance Web Designer Harrogate - logo 1

I built this site all in a browser – relying on feedback from the owner. This was all done online, with minimal f2f contact. It was built during Lockdown so we could not meet up at a café for a coffee and chat about the website.

The site needed to “frame” Anna’s photos. There was a lot of research in to other artist’s websites to achieve this.

There is also a page for Anna’s active CV and an About/Contact page, too – this enables people to get in contact with Anna.

We were toying with the idea if a shop – I built the shop functionality and Anna is building the product bas slowly and softly.

Designing Solutions

My aim was to provide an accessible website that showcased Anna’s images. I needed to make Anna’s points of artistic enquiry obvious and give the opportunity to purchase a print for the public. I needed a functioning, clear menu so that the website was not like a Chinese puzzle box.

Next Steps

A website is never really put to bed – there is still ample scope for redesigns later down the road. Anna has mentioned she may be keen to have more of a shop element in the site. As a result, I have installed the software for a shop on the site and Anna is slowly populating the products.


Anna is in the process of relocating to Scandinavia. Moving from Harrogate to Scandinavia means I have probably seen the last of her. But, if she needs any helps with her website then we can pick up where we left off online. There really is no need for f2f nowadays.

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