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Branding A Community Radio Station

The Harrogate Community Radio website project is a testament to my commitment to creating a purposeful and dynamic online presence. It showcases the capability to harmonise functionality, aesthetics, and community spirit, ultimately delivering a comprehensive website that meets the needs of its users while fulfilling its intended purpose. The project has successfully cemented Harrogate Community Radio’s place in the digital landscape, providing a valuable and enjoyable platform for its community.

Freelance Web Designer Harrogate - harrogate community radio logotype full colour rgb
Freelance Web Designer Harrogate - harrogate community radio logotype full colour rgb


The successful development and design of Harrogate Community Radio’s website, an inspiring endeavour into the realm of community broadcasting.

Time Line

May 2019 – Present

Tasks & Deliverables

  • Build an iOS App
  • Build an Android App
  • Build a Website
  • Sort the digital infrastructure for the streaming
  • Management of Team spirit in Pandemic, Digitally
  • On site graphics and literature
  • Logo Design

Project Brief

The goal was to build a platform that fully embraced the diverse community Harrogate Community Radio serves. The site needed to not only provide live streaming capabilities for listeners but also integrate an eCommerce solution, and foster a sense of unity among the show hosts.

To meet these complex and varied needs, the website was constructed using the flexible and versatile WordPress platform. This allowed for an organic blend of traditional website architecture with sophisticated features such as live streaming and online shopping.

tools of UX

Working on the Harrogate Community Radio website was a remarkable journey for me at Andrew Backhouse Web Design. It reaffirmed my dedication to craft meaningful and energetic websites, striking the balance between practicality and visual appeal, while keeping community values at the heart of it all.

Designing this website wasn’t just about creating a functional platform for the users. It was about painting an online canvas that captured the spirit of Harrogate Community Radio – vibrant, engaging, and deeply rooted in the community it serves. The aesthetics of the website needed to mirror this energy, reflecting the ethos of the station and its listeners.

But a website is much more than just pretty colours and snappy fonts. It needs to work seamlessly, be user-friendly, and serve its purpose effectively. Harmonising these key elements – aesthetics, functionality, and the soul of the community – was a challenge I embraced wholeheartedly. In the end, I believe the website is a comprehensive platform that goes beyond simply meeting user needs; it brings together a community and makes them feel at home.

This project has proven to be more than just a testament to my work ethic and design philosophy. It’s become a benchmark of success in carving out a robust digital presence for a community radio station. Harrogate Community Radio’s place in the online world is now firmly established, and I am incredibly proud to have played a part in creating a platform that the community finds valuable and enjoyable. It was a delight to make this digital space feel like a natural extension of the radio community, connecting people, and providing an engaging experience for everyone who visits the site.

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Built For Streaming

A key aspect of the project was the seamless incorporation of live radio streaming. Andrew Backhouse Web Design integrated an efficient, user-friendly streaming service that allowed the station’s listeners to enjoy live broadcasts with minimal buffering and maximal audio quality. This resulted in an enhanced listening experience, enabling the community to stay connected and informed, whether at home or on the go.

Built For eCommerce

To support the station’s sustainability and allow listeners to purchase merchandise and show-related products, Andrew implemented an intuitive and secure eCommerce solution. This integration facilitated easy navigation and secure transactions for users, ensuring a satisfying shopping experience while contributing to the radio’s revenue.

Built for Community Spirit

Understanding the need for a sense of camaraderie among the show hosts, a dedicated section was designed where each host could have their unique profiles. This served as an avenue for hosts to share their personality, show schedules, and engage with their listener base. The design encapsulated the vibrant spirit of each host, promoting a sense of team spirit and unity.


When I first started working on the Harrogate Community Radio website project, I knew I had a unique challenge ahead. My aim was to create an online space that welcomed and mirrored the diversity of the Harrogate community. I didn’t want to just build a website; I wanted to build a digital home for the radio station and its listeners.

First and foremost, the website had to support live streaming. After all, the essence of a radio station lies in its broadcasts. Making this happen was not just about enabling technology; it was about ensuring that anyone, anywhere, at any time, could tune in and enjoy the radio shows without any technical hitches. It was about creating a sense of connection, between the station and its listeners, and between the listeners themselves.

But, there was more to it. We also wanted to create an eCommerce solution. The station had merchandise to sell, and it was crucial to provide an easy, safe, and enjoyable shopping experience. Integrating this into the website was not just about adding another feature; it was about supporting the station’s sustainability and offering additional value to its community.

Lastly, one of the most important goals was to foster a sense of unity among the show hosts. We wanted the hosts to feel like a part of a team, to feel connected and engaged. So, we built a space where they could share their profiles, show schedules, and interact with listeners. This was not just about facilitating communication; it was about strengthening the bond within the radio community.

In the end, creating the Harrogate Community Radio website was about embracing diversity, fostering unity, and providing value, in order to truly serve the community it represents.

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