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The Aperitif Guy

The Aperitif Guy is a freelance hospitality consultant. I built him a visually stunning site so he could broaden his career opportunities.

He works in North Yorkshire and is currently employed as a sommelier in a prestigious restaurant in Yorkshire.

Also known for his cocktails, he is a keen blogger.

Freelance Web Designer Harrogate - AperitifGuy LogoOnly Colour
Freelance Web Designer Harrogate - AperitifGuy LogoOnly Colour


Designing a website for a freelance hospitality consultant and showcasing his recipes. The site also broadened Aperitif Guy’s career opportunities.

Time Line

December 2022

Tasks & Deliverables

  • Testing
  • Researching
  • Liaising
  • Gathering feedback
  • Working to a brief
  • Delivering a visually stunning website
  • Integrating with an existing Blogger Blog

Project Brief

For the project brief, I needed to implement several strategies:

  1. Visual Appeal: I made sure that the website had a clean and modern design that would appeal to potential clients in the hospitality industry. This included using high-quality images of food and drinks, as well as creating an overall colour scheme that complemented Paul’s branding.
  2. Balance: I wanted to ensure that the website didn’t feel too cluttered or overwhelming, so I used plenty of white space and organised the content in a clear and logical manner.
  3. SEO Optimisation: I optimised the website’s content and structure to improve its visibility on search engines. This involved researching relevant keywords, optimising title tags and meta descriptions, and ensuring that all pages were easily accessible via navigation menus.
  4. Standout Content: I worked closely with Paul, The Aperitif Guy, to create engaging and informative content that highlighted his expertise as a hospitality consultant. This included crafting compelling headlines, incorporating visual elements like infographics and videos, and making sure that each page provided valuable insights and tips for visitors.
  5. Framing the Content: Finally, we focused on framing the content in a way that emphasised Paul’s unique perspective and value proposition. For example, we used calls-to-action throughout the website to encourage readers to reach out to Paul for consulting services, and we positioned him as an authority figure within the hospitality industry through blog posts and social media updates. By taking this approach, I was able to create a website that effectively promoted Paul’s skills and attracted new clients to his business.
Freelance Web Designer Harrogate - website mock up 2
Freelance Web Designer Harrogate - AperitifGuy LogoOnly Colour

Designing a Responsive Website with Seamless Collaboration

I took on the challenge of constructing this website entirely within a browser, utilising an efficient and streamlined online workflow. The project’s success was built on effective communication and feedback from the owner, minimising the need for face-to-face interactions.

Together, we made a strategic decision to prioritise mobile usability and enhance the overall user experience. Considering that a significant portion of the site’s visitors would be busy restaurant and bar owners, with Paul specifically assisting with cocktail menus, it was crucial to design an interface that catered to their on-the-go lifestyle. To achieve this, we implemented large, attention-grabbing text that immediately captures attention and delivers information swiftly.

By adopting a mobile-first approach, we ensured that the website seamlessly adapts to various screen sizes and provides optimal functionality across all devices. Whether accessed on smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers, the site delivers a visually compelling and user-friendly experience that allows restaurant and bar owners to quickly access the information they need.

The emphasis on mobile usability not only enhances convenience for busy professionals but also aligns with the evolving trends in website usage. As more and more individuals rely on their mobile devices for browsing, it was essential to create a website that accommodates their preferences and provides a hassle-free experience.

Through our collaborative efforts and a keen focus on mobile usability, we have developed a website that effectively caters to the needs of restaurant and bar owners, ensuring quick access to relevant information while they are on the move.

Designing Solutions

To create intuitive and seamless User Experiences.

My goal was to develop a website that offers a user-friendly and effortless viewing process. I focused on ensuring that Paul’s services were prominently displayed and easily accessible through clear points of contact. A functional and straightforward menu was essential to enhance navigation.

Next Steps

I have successfully completed the handover process, providing comprehensive training to Paul on site management. I have equipped him with the necessary skills to maintain and update the website, while also offering ongoing support whenever required.

While the website construction is complete, my next task is to optimise its SEO performance.


The website effectively meets the requirements outlined in the project brief. It serves as an impressive calling card for restaurant owners and effectively retains their interest.

Furthermore, the website design allows for future revisions and improvements, ensuring its longevity and adaptability.

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