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Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity is a far-reaching subject and Branding is colossal. Corporate Identity is not Branding, but Branding includes Corporate ID. Branding has elements of Corporate Identity as well as lots, lots more. Andrew Backhouse Design can help you with your corporate identity and visual branding.

Branding is a ‘language’ that a company uses to express itself as well as the language that the company’s clients use to talk about the brand. The computer company, Apple, have this off to a tee: they come across as very clean, personable, creative and cutting edge. People who use Apple products tend to be fans of the product (I am), they talk about the product in a certain way. Apple has fantastic branding which few companies have yet to equal.

Corporate Identity also covers a wide range of things and not just a logo; this is the rub. I can work with you, the client to create an online and physical portfolio of bespoke, contemporary go-to solutions. I can draft up some proposals so that you will always have a template to reach to so you can send a well-designed letter, email or business cards –  I will equip you with those vital fonts and logos. What often ‘makes’ a corporate identity and goes on to add to the brand are what we call ‘identity elements’.

With Visual Communications a forté and having had a background in Academia as an English Language Reader – I believe I am in a prime position to bring your Brand into line with today’s trends and future-proof it for the years to come.

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