3 Steps To Making Your Website Carbon-Neutral

In this post, I have written up 3 steps to making your website Carbon-Neutral. Hopefully this will go towards a global effort to make web design more environmentally responsible. I have written up HERE some of the ways that I try and make this website, and my business, a bit greener. So, with this post, I hope to share with you some of the tips I have picked up along the way.
3 Steps To Making Your Website Carbon-Neutral

1 ~ Ecological Hosting Plays A Big Part In Your 3 Steps To Making Your Website Carbon-Neutral

There is a company called Eco-Web Hosting. They’re good! Eco Web Hosting  is an ecologically minded Hosting platform. All websites need hosting and these guys are tip-top. For 3 steps to making your website Carbon-Neutral, they offer:


  • A Carbon Off-Set Plan: Eco-Web-Hosting work with tree-planting organisations to plant trees for each website we host, as well as other Gold Standard certified projects.
  • Green Business Practices: Eco-Web-Hosting’s staff works together to run an eco-friendly business, including using green energy and reducing travel by working remotely.
  • Eco-Friendly Tech: All our websites are hosted on extremely energy-efficient servers, and we are always looking for ways to improve.

2 ~ Tree-Nation.com Helps In The 3 Steps To Making Your Website Carbon-Neutral

Tree-Nation use technology to make tree planting easy. Since their inception in 2006, more than 130,000 users and +2,200 companies have planted 5 million trees using their platform. They are a non-profit organisation currently offering more than 50 reforestation projects. Join them on their mission to reforest the world and fight climate change!

Tree-Nation was founded in 2006 by Maxime Renaudin. Over the years the team has been growing and attracting lots of talented and very dedicated people. Tree-Nation are all motivated by the same goal to protect our planet and help the collective effort to stop climate change.

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3 ~ Green Energy Supplier For 3 Steps To Making Your Website Carbon-Neutral

We use Bulb for where I work – there are other suppliers, Ecotricity is an example. You will need to switch on your computer to edit your website, so change starts at home!

So, here is my two pence worth – I hope you have got something from my advice. I will say, as a parting shot, that change starts at home. Improve your personal practice and then implement the above. You will then find 3 ways to make your website carbon-neutral helping you.

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