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As a way to become Carbon Literate – I am stepping up my pledge to become Carbon Neutral. I have set in motion the second of my Carbon Offset measures to become an environmentally-friendly web designer. And, it is a belter. I have teamed up with Ecologi who help by planting trees to capture the carbon I produce. But, here lies the crux…

3 Steps To Making Your Website Carbon-Neutral

… am I just throwing money in to a bottomless pit? Am I victim to the self perpetuating myth that if I give away a heap of money then I can get away with livin’ la Carbon-vida loca? Well, no….

I have a great track record of reducing my carbon foot print. I use green electricity and write to my MP regularly on topics concerning the environment, to name a few things.

But this is not backslapping, hyping myself up – falling victim to the idea that if I throw money at the issue then it’ll make me feel better. I am taking pro-active measures to reduce my Carbon Footprint as well as the off-setting measures underscored on this blog post and in my Sustainability Pledge.

So, do you want me to set this up for you? If I was to build you a website, I would work as a consultant on this so that the carbon footprint of the build was offset – and, you can do this in a manner that is surprisingly wholesome for your accountant (we are talking of tens, not hundreds).

So, in a nutshell, how can I help you get your tech green. I could help set up a few measures where you carbon foot print could be reduced? I have heard that the average Carbon footprint per head of people of Europe is 10t / annum. USA it is close to 20t / annum. China 8t. We need to be carbon Neutral by 2030 – it is a sobering thought.

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