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Oct 22, 2019 | Graphic Design Blog, About The Business

Designing an album cover – any format of release – can provide a challenge. But, it is a challenge I am up for. I have a proven track record of success when it comes to designing the artwork for music releases. I give them my all.
To start off with, I am the in-house designer at Focused Silence; the experimental record label. Having designed album covers for my own musical projects and for labels, I am also a recording artist. I specialise in designing album covers for avant-garde recordings and composition. As the banner of this post says; “You Are What You Listen To” and I listen to a hell of a lot of Noise + Art Music.
Using a blend of bleeding-edge technology and practical craft, I achieve what you want. Guiding the artist or the record label, I bring with me 7 years of design experience. On top of that I have a decade of experience as a recording artist. If you are after a graphic for your musical project then get in contact – advice is free. Here are some of the covers I have designed for musicians:
album cover design tony james morton
album cover design for a tiding fo magpies
album cover design for experiemntalien
album cover design guerrilla dub system
album cover design  total et
album cover design  guerrilla dub system
album cover design andy backhouse
album cover design  guerrilla dub system
album cover design  chris parmenidis

My advice is free – I will start the clock when we commit to me designing the artwork. Keeping you in the loop of the design process, I will feed you with new ideas and information.

Each album has a different design process – I will need to hear the work before I can commit to designing a cover. This means the design of your album cover will be suitable for the music within. You will always have something unique when I design the cover for your album

If you want your EP or album to stand out then get in contact – I have worked with bands across Europe. Designing artwork for music is a real passion project of mine. One I can really get my teeth in to. My details are in the footer or you can book a meeting with me.

Get in touch,

If you have a project in mind, I would love to hear from you.


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