Designing A Logo For The Bread Bin, Harrogate

Well, I have the green light to blog about the subject at hand. I have been contacted by the owner of a business I did some work for late 2020 and Jude has given the go ahead. The owner of The Bread Bin, Harrogate was great at helping me get an idea of her hopes for the new logo, when I was working for her. Do you know The Bread Bin – Harrogate? It is just at the bottom of Skipton Road, at the end with the gas silos. Well, without further ado – here is the logo:

the bread bin

The Bread Bin is a shop that is an honest place – it does not charge a lot but it serves good, quality fare for people in a rush – people who work hard for a living and need their energy topped up.

Jude Smith is the proprietor of The Bread Bin – she worked alongside me to ensure that what I started for the business did not get carried away, escalating in to an audio visual installation; lasers and uplighters outside the shop as she is inside it, making sandwiches. She was very patient.

We worked through a series of logos that I had sketched out on my iPad using Illustrator and other associated apps. She was a joy to work with. We narrowed down the selection as I was continually adding to them until we reached the conclusion.

The old signage of The Bread Bin has been there since 1972 – when the sandwich shop first opened. It is good to know that my design will still be up on the wall when I have hung up my Illustrator Brush and that there is a part of my thinking on the ‘skin’ of the town I love.

The Bread Bin, Harrogate had thirteen revisions of its logo – plus plenty of more rehashes. This is a lot less than what I normally get up to – this is testament to how well Jude guided me to what she hoped for the logo – sometimes the business owner just knows in the back of their mind what they want; Jude guided me to a point where I could create what she had hoped for. Plus, she is a Harrogate Community Radio listener….

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