Fiddling Whilst Rome Burns?

When does a radio station need a rebrand? During a Pandemic? Hopefully not. But, that is what I did. Regular readers of this blog know I am one of the admin for Harrogate Community Radio, the best local radio station in Harrogate. Well, this is a blog post about that station, a private project but a project that gives entertainment to thousands.

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Harrogate Community Radio is a community Radio Station that serves Harrogate, North Yorkshire. We broadcast on the internet only – because, our target audience is tech savvy and have WiFi. We do not have the scope or the remit for FM Transmission and DAB is unfortunately out of our budget.

Still: online – that is where I come in, you would have thought. I even managed to flex my graphic design muscles! See the station need a new logo…

The old logo for the station promoted inclusivity in that it was a joining of separate, transparent colours – these colours do not mean *anything* outside of the tropes and psyches of everyday popular belief. But the circles represented ‘groups’ of people in Harrogate. It is a coming together of groups of people

colour schemeThere was no real thought gone in to this other than that. The colours were, from left to right; Red, Yellow & Blue. It was only web-ready, not ready for good print, other than bar mats; we couldn’t get tee shirts made up with the old logo.

It was the colours of the old logo that made me think “we need a rebrand” – red signifies Danger, Blue conservatism (with a small ‘c’) and yellow implies health / cowardice. That and that there is no way of getting a true print ready version and it related the political spectrum of the UK to all who looked at it (Labour, Lib Dem & Tory).

I admit it, I kind of bodged it up.

Here is the colour scheme I am working towards for the new logo…. very northern, warm and 2020. Might be a bit too warm, a bit cosy – not edgy at all. But, if you give that most of the DJs are warm and nice then you will see why I went with the colour scheme above.

So, here is the new logo…

hcr shareable vector for social media

The old logo looked like a political version of the bank TSB. The transparent circles of the old version were rendering terribly on most devices; not what I intended. Plus as I no longer have the software to edit the old file then there is no way of getting the logo solid for print. I have made the redesign in Illustrator – by Adobe, so there is no worry about that disappearing soon.

This new version shows movement and inclusivity, as opposed to just inclusivity. We will no longer look like a bank. I have used a contemporary colour palette that invokes warmth & the north; Yorkshire. This has been done across the logo.

I am happy with the logo now – but I needed to bounce it past the rest of the admin.

– Do we need a new logo?
– What do you make to this version?

I have also redone the site so that it matches the logo. Tidy!

I am aware I may have be presenting a solution to where there was not a problem. But, this problem did bother me. The old logo was bodged together in a rush. Using The Logo Package by Michael, I managed to bounce down quite a few variables of the logo.
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