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Focused Folio Branding

So, you know I run a record label as a hobby right? Well, there have been developments in the label that have called upon my design skills. You may remember my Blog post from late 2019 called “Designers: Pay The Bills But Don’t Forget To Feed Your Soul” – you remember it? Well, this is partly about that.

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Focused Folio

My record label, Focused Silence is an experimental music label that releases avant-garde and contemporary recordings. Noise, Free Jazz and Field Recordings. It is a lot of fun to run and I have made some great friends through it.

Focused Folio is the new imprint on the label that deals with discount downloads – the idea is to have all of the albums on the imprint available for £1 and then limit the supply of the release so that there are only ever 100 copies available.

Cover scaled

Above you will see the cover for the second album on the imprint, “FutuReproduction” by Total E.T. It is dues out on the tenth of January.

Each album ships with a digital zine – I love the idea of disposable art – seizing the zeitgeist and then hoping it is cherished and not lost. This is the reason for the imprint – but, I did get to flex some design muscle when I set it up.

So, if you want a quick Art-Fix, head to the page highlighted by the button below – it was a lot of fun working on the branding for Focused Folio and here I am showing it to you. Thanks for reading! If you want something similar for a cultural project get in contact – my email address is in the footer of the post or, if you want to formally reach out to a web designer see the contact page.

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