I have the good fortune to run a record label in my spare time – it seems to be a lot of work for very little financial reward. But that is not what motivates me to do it.

I took it upon myself to redesign the artwork for the forthcoming releases. They always follow a template and, as of FOCUSED0040, there will be a new template.

The subtle greys of the outside are complimented by a map in the CD fold-out. I will be asking all of the artists who release on Focused Silence where the genii locus of the album is situated. As in, what topography inspired the release.

I will then set about retrieving an old 1970’s map of the area they specify and set that as the centre piece.

Here is the CD artwork for a forthcoming release by Downtrend Shapes Renewal – 

As with all of the releases on Focused Silence – the albums will be made available on the bigger stores as well as the label’s shop. Such as iTunes and Google Play. With this in mind, I was keen to provide a good visual introduction to the works on the label as a collective whole and used the following image for Downtrend Shapes Renewal’s download cover.

I have also set about designing the cover for Tantric Doctor’s The House On Ensenada Drive. The House on Ensenada Drive is an anti-real-estate agents pitch for the house that Captain Beefheart lived in whilst the Magic Band were recording their album Trout Mask Replica. With this in mind, an Ordnance Survey map for the inlay was out of the question as the house was in L.A.

Here is what I came up with –

CD Pull-Out Inlay


Tantric Doctor’s CD Cover

As stated, I am trying to follow a template, I stuck with the templated for the design of the download cover – this will also be on all of the big stores such as iTunes.

The House On Ensenada Drive – MP3 Cover

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